PrepSetGo Review of AR500 Steel Targets

Posted by Chad Johnson on

Recently, we here at, have been researching various suppliers of AR500 steel targets.  During our research we evaluated many providers on the internet.  We reviewed a large number of retailers, eBay, Amazon and others; as well as individuals selling on sites such as craigslist.

There was a surprising variance in price for similar items.  For example, we found 8" hanging gongs in 3/8" AR500 for prices between $25 and $35.  Those that *included* shipping were generally beyond this top price.  As such, we eliminated them from our review process.

Once we really began comparing, item for item, across the various suppliers, one stood out:

During our research we discovered not only had some of the best prices, but in reality, offered more for the money.  An example is their 8" hanging gong in 1/2" AR500 for only $29.  This is within the low end of our research for 3/8" targets; substantially more for your money here!

Of course, this price means nothing until you calculate in the shipping cost.  Their shipping uses USPS flat rate boxes and they combine shipping to minimize cost.  However, this is a big plus, any order of $250 receives free shipping!

So, we decided to give them a shot (no pun intended ;) ) and pulled the trigger (ok, so we meant that one).  We placed our online order on 9/13 at 4:30pm.  We received a shipping confirmation on 9/14 at 3:00pm and the targets arrived, with our mail, on 9/16.  A whopping total of 3 days from order to delivery.  That is excellent by any standard.

So, we have a huge win with such prompt service; now for the delivery.

Extremely heavy objects with hard angles are very difficult to ship without, destroying their packaging. did a wonderful job on their packing.  The contents were very well packed and did not move during shipping.  The complete exterior of the packaging was wrapped in fiber tape.

Our package arrived very well packed.  We have the first in a series of video reviews here:

We suggest you watch the video as it shows the high quality of packaging much better than words can convey.

We will have follow up blog posts and videos as we hang and use the targets.


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