Minuteman Rocket Stove

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100% Made in the USA!

The Minuteman Rocket Stove is the most compact, transportable and efficient rocket style cooking stove on the market today. It easily allows you to cook family sized meals in full sized cookware despite is small size. Because it reaches operating temperatures in excess of 1,000 degrees (see the Temperature Test video here), even large cast iron cookware and full stew pots are no problem for the Minuteman.

The Minuteman's highly insulated construction allows for minimal energy loss and focuses the heat where it is needed..on the cookware. The high heat makes it virtually smokeless. Plus the Minuteman Rocket Stove requires much less fuel (small sticks, biomass) than other rocket stoves and only 1/10th the fuel required for an open fire. It is easy and fast to light. You will be cooking in less than 5 minutes.

Once you are done cooking, let the Minuteman cool, pour out the ashes, reattach the lid and it is ready to travel. The lid has a rubber seal the smell of soot will not be transferred from the stove to your vehicle or storage location.

The Minuteman Rocket Stove is made in America from the best quality components we could source. It is built to last and carries a three year warranty against defects in parts or construction.

The Minuteman is perfect for:

      • Camping 
      • RV's 
      • Hunters 
      • Motorcycling 
      • ATVs 
      • Snowmobiling 
      • Boating 
      • Prepping and Survival 
      • Scouting 
      • Tail Gating 
      • Backyard Cooking 
      • Anywhere else an outdoor cooking stove is needed.

Never buy fuel again, never run out of fuel with the Minuteman Rocket Stove...the fuel is at your feet!